Install packages

All React3L's packages are now renamed with prefix @react3l

  • @react3l/react3l
  • @react3l/advanced-filters
  • @react3l/axios-observable
  • @react3l/i18next-extractor
  • @react3l/cli It also requires a set of peer dependencies below:
  • axios
  • i18next
  • lodash
  • moment
  • react
  • reactn
  • react-i18next
  • reflect-metadata
  • rxjs
  • yup
yarn add @react3l/react3l @react3l/axios-observable @react3l/advanced-filters react reflect-metadata yup moment react-i18next i18next axios reactn lodash rxjs
yarn add -D @react3l/i18next-extractor @react3l/cli

If you are using Typescript, it is recommended to install peer dependencies's type declarations

yarn add @types/node @types/react @types/lodash @types/yup